Barry Murray BSc MAAS

Barry Murray is a Professional Acoustic Consultant who has been practising for over 30 years. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland and is a Member of the Australian Acoustical Society. He is a founding director of Wilkinson Murray and a former chairman of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants. Barry has returned to Sydney after being based in Hong Kong and in conjunction with Ben Lawrence still oversees the Wilkinson Murray Asian office.

Barry has spent most of his working life with Wilkinson Murray and has been the driving force in the growth of this consulting firm. The breadth of his experience covers resource projects, transportation projects, construction projects and building projects. His expertise is related to acoustics, vibration and structural dynamics.

The quality of Barry’s work is demonstrated in some of the major Wilkinson Murray projects he has been involved in, including the M2 Motorway, Sydney (recipient of Excellence in Acoustics Award), Sydney Cross City Tunnel, Perth New MetroRail Project, Mount Arthur North Coal Mine, Capitol Theatre and Channel 10 Studios.

Acoustic research and noise policy are also areas in which Barry has been involved. He has reviewed the Draft Industrial Noise Policy and the Draft Environmental Criteria for Road Traffic Noise (published by the NSW Department of Environment & Conservation (DEC)) on behalf of resource and industry groups. He has also advised the Roads & Traffic Authority of NSW regarding their traffic noise policy.

His research has included a survey into the effect of airblast from quarries and an investigation into the effect of truck exhaust heights on roadside noise barriers. Barry has provided expert acoustical evidence in court hearings on over 100 occasions and he has advanced communication skills. These skills are also of importance for the numerous community consultations that he has been involved in and he also used them as a lecturer at the University of NSW.

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